Marangu Route

Often called the "Coca-Cola"-route, this trail has the reputation of being the easiest one. On this route you sleep in wooden huts instead of tents. The net elevation is almost the same as the Machame route. The way up and the way back down are the same on this route. This can be considered as a drawback, however, it also has its advantages. The route down is quite scenic and you'll have a chance to meet climbers ascending up the trail. Besides that, there are two possible routes between Horombo huts and Kibo huts, our guides will normally take a different route down.

A recommended extra acclimatization day is possible at Horombo Huts (3,720m). This day can either be spent at the huts, or by going the Mawenzi Huts Campsite (4,538m) and returning to Horombo huts the same day.

Marangu Itinerary

Day 1: Marangu gate 1,860m -Mandara hut 2,705m

Environment: Rain forest Distance: 8 km / 5 miles Net. elevation: +845 m / +2,789 ft

Pickup from your hotel then drive to Marangu gate for the registering process. After registering, you'll then enter the park. The first day is a pleasant walk through the rainforest along a number of waterfalls. It's possible to encounter blue monkeys, colobus monkeys and olive baboons in the rainforest. Halfway along the route to Mandara huts we make a lunch stop at the picnic-tables of Kisamboni. At Mandara Huts we'll serve a snack (usually popcorn or biscuits) and a hot drink. After refreshing a little here, we optionally make a 15min hike to the Maundi Crater.

Then come back Mandara Huts for dinner. Day 2: Mandara Huts 2,705m - Horombo Huts 3,720m Environment: Moorland Distance: 11.5 km / 7 miles Net. elevation: +1,014 m / +3,346 ft

Begin this hike by walking the same forest path towards the Maundi crater, however this time we pass by it. The junction to the crater and to Horombo Huts pretty much marks the end of the forest environment, and you'll now enter moorland. Fom here you can see the two highest peaks, Kibo and Mawenzi. After about 3-3.5hr lunch will be served. After this it's roughly a 1.5-2hr walk to Horombo Huts. Horombo Huts is a very lively place used both by Marangu climbers ascending as well as those descending from Kibo. Apart from this, climbers from Rongai route camp here in tents. Those who opted for an extra acclimatization day on Marangu will be found here as well.

Day 3: Horombo Huts 3,720m - Kibo Huts 4,713mEnvironment: Alpine Desert

Distance: 9.2-10 km / 5.6-6.1 miles Net. elevation: +993 m / +3,277 ft

This day the guide has the choice between two routes, the shorter (9.2km) southern route or the longer (10km) northern route. If you have done the hike to Mawenzi huts on the acclimatization day, you have already seen most of the northern route, and it will make more sense to take the shorter southern route. If not, the guide will probably take you on the northern route to pass by the beautiful Zebra Rocks.

The hike begins quite steep, through the last bits of moorland. After a while you'll enter the alpine desert in a windy plain, The Saddle. You will have lucnh in a sheltered place along the way. After lunch the trail continues to Jiwe Lainkoyo, a place marked by a big boulder (Jiwe means 'rock' in Swahili) and the place where the southern and northern route meet again. From here it's about 1 hour walk to the Kibo Huts, which you can see from this point. Kibo Huts will be the final destination for the day.

The Saddle

Day 4: Kibo Huts 4,713m - Uhuru peak 5,895m -Horombo Huts 3,720m Environment: Alpine desert, Glaciers Distance: 5.5 km / 3.4 miles (to summit) Distance: 14.7 - 15.5 km / 9 - 9.5 miles (descent to Horombo) Net. elevation: +1.182 m / +3,900 ft (to summit)

At night (around 23:00) you'll be awaken by your guide. You will get a small breakfast and warm drinks. After finishing your breakfast you'll attempt to conquer the mountain. Towards the peak you'll pass the following points: Jamaica Point (m), William's Point (5,000m), Hans Meyer Cave (5,151m), Gillman's Point (5,703m), Stella Point (5,752m) to finally arrive at Uhuru Peak (5,895m). After taking a photographs at the summit signpost, you start heading back through the same way you ascended. Back to Kibo Huts we take a few hours break and have lunch before continuing down to Horombo Huts, taking either the southern or northern route down. Back at Horombo Huts, you'll be able to rest, refresh and have a snack. Dinner is also served.

Day 5: Horombo Huts 3,720m - Marangu Gate 1,860m

After breakfast we'll descent back to Marangu Gate (18km) and have a lunch stop at Mandara Huts on the way. On arrival at Marangu Gate some formalities take place and you'll be guided to the bus waiting to take you back to your hotel where a nice warm and deserved shower awaits you!

End Of Tour

Start - Finish

Arusha or Moshi


In tents, at campsites with simple toilet facilities.

Price includes

All prices are per person, minimum 4 people. Entrance fees, Rescue fee, accommodation, food and water during climb, transport to/from your hotel, guide, cook/assistant guide, porters.

Price excludes

Tip for the climbing crew, souvenirs, soda/alcohol, laundry and other personal needs.

Tour leader

Certified guide with long experience.


Safe vehicle to and from park gate.

Meals included

5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners.

Meal budget

Depend on further program. Price : 1.300 USD

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