machame route

Machame 6, 7, 8 days

Machame - Western Breach 6, 7 days

The Machame-Mweka route is often dubbed the "Whiskey Route" in contrast to the Marangu route, which is called the "Coca-Cola-route".

Still we find that the Machame route is a little harder, but the level of difficulty doesn't really differ so much as is often said. As a matter fact the success-rate of Machame lies actually higher than that of the Marangu route. The way down from the peak is through the Mweka route.

It's possible to spread a pretty long hike between Baranco and Barafu camps over two days. You'll be sleeping at the Karanga Valley Campsite (4,040m) if you opt for this extra acclimatization day (the 7-day itinerary).

opting for the 8 days hike you'll split the route between Baranco and Barafu in three days and you'll also be spending an extra night at Lava Tower Campsite (4,600m). On the Machame route you have an alternative option to ascend to Uhuru peak through the W"estern Breach", instead of the normal route through Barafu Camp. The Machame-Western breach route is a short but steep option, not without its dangers.


Day 1: Machame gate 1,828m - Machame huts 3,032m

Environment: Rain forest Distance: 10.5 km / 6.4 miles Net. elevation: +1,204 m / +3,973 ft

After pickup from your hotel you are driven to Machame gate for the registering process. After registering, you'll enter the park.

On the first day you are walking through the cloud forest for the largest part of the day.

about 2-2.5hr we then stop for lunch in the forest. This is almost halfway to Machame Huts. After lunch we continue to the Machame Huts.

As the forest thins out a little, the Kibo peak becomes visible giving more hope.Upon arrival at Machame Huts we'll serve you a snack and a hot drink.

Day 2: Machame camp 3,032m - New Shira Camp 3,847m

Environment: Heath land Distance: 5.2 km / 3.2 miles Net. elevation: +815 m / +2,690 ft

The second day will be a relatively short hike (about 5kms) through a very dusty landscape. This day is one of the easiest on the route but since 815 meters are gained over a short distance parts of it will be quite steep. After about 1-1.5hr we make a lunch stop.

From here this it's roughly a 1-1.5hr walk to New Shira Camp, which lies about a 20 minute walk into the Shira Plateau. Upon arrival at New Shira Camp you'll have a chance to refresh yourself and have a snack then dinner is served.

Day 3: New Shira Camp 3,840m -Barranco camp 3,985m

Environment: Alpine desert, Moorland Distance: 9.5 km / 5.8 miles Net. elevation: +145 m / +479 ft

This day will be a relatively long stretch for those on the 6 or 7-day itinerary. Those who choose the 8-day or Western Breach option will be camping at the Lava Tower Campsite (4,642m) roughly half way.

After roughly 3hrs of walking (5km) we make a lunch stop (4,493m). After lunch you will then chose a route to take. If you are feeling tired and want to arrive at your destination quicker and more easily you can take the 'route' going below Lava Tower.

Those that still have some energy left can take the higher, slightly tougher, but more beautiful route through Lava Tower Campsite.

Day 4: Barranco camp 3,985 - Barafu camp 4,681

Environment: Alpine desert Distance: 8.8 km / 5.4 miles Net. elevation: 696 m / +2,297 ft

Leave Barranco in the morning after breakfast. A short 1, 5 hours hike to Karanga Valley, where we enjoy a warm lunch and relax in the tents.(7 -8day itinerary)The fourth day starts with a steep climb up the Great Barranco Wall (almost 250m). This day can optionally be split in two days (the 7- and 8-day options); camping halfway at Karanga Valley Campsite (4,040m). If you are on the 6-day itinerary you'll hike the whole way up to Barafu (Swahili for Ice!) camp.

Day 5: Barafu camp 4,681m - Uhuru peak 5,895m -Mweka camp 3,090m

Environment: Alpine desert, glaciers Distance: 5.2 km / 3.2 miles (to summit) Distance: 11.7 km / 7.1 miles (descent to Mweka) Net. elevation: +1,214 m / +4,006 ft (to summit

Late at night (around 23:00) you'll be awaken by your guide. You are served with a small breakfast and warm drinks. After finishing your breakfast you'll attempt to conquer the mountain.

the peak you'll pass Stella Point (5,752m) first (enough to earn a certificate!). From Stella Point it's a relatively more flat and easy last push towards the ultimate goal, Uhuru Peak (5,895m).

After taking a photographs at the summit signpost, go back through the same way as we ascended. Back at Barafu camp we take an hour break and have lunch before continuing down to Mweka camp. Arriving at Mweka camp, you'll be able to rest, refresh and have a snack. Dinner is also served.

Day 6: Mweka camp 3,090m - Mweka gate 1,641m

Environment: Alpine desert, Moorland, Rain forest Distance: 10 km / 6.1 miles Net. elevation: -1,449 m / -4,782 ft

After breakfast, we descend to the Mweka Park Gate in an average hiking time of 4 hours at the gate the successful climbers who have reached the peak will be given the certificates proving their successful achievement of reaching the top! Then we will transport you to your next accommodation

End Of Tour

Start -Finish

Arusha or Moshi


In tents, at campsites with simple toilet facilities.

Price includes

All prices are per person, minimum 4 people. Entrance fees, Rescue fee, accommodation, food and water during climb, transport to/from your hotel, guide, cook/assistant guide, porters.

Price excludes

Tip for the climbing crew, souvenirs, soda/alcohol, laundry and other personal needs.

Tour leader

Certified guide with long experience.


Safe vehicle to and from park gate.

Meals included

5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners.

Meal budget

Depend on further program.

Price: 6 Days- USD 1.450

7 Days- USD 1.550 8 Days- USD 1.750 Send a request for the trip

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